The nuts bring tremendous benefits to our health because they contain a lot of minerals and useful vitamins to stay healthy and active.
Also contributing with antioxidants, B vitamins, A vitamin , lecithin, omega-3 fatty acids, etc ...
By eating walnuts are also delicious, we are generating a lot of benefits to our body without effort of any kind.


Raisins have a high rapidly absorbed carbohydrates content. They are recommended for children and adolescents requiring energy inputs.
Also suitable to help anemia's treatments because they provide iron, manganese, copper, contributing to the creation of new red blood cells.
And of course they're delicious.


Prunes stand out as being particularly rich in A provitamin (which has the advantage of becoming A vitamin, essential for vision), B3 vitamin (involved in different phases of the metabolism and helps to make better use of carbohydrates), and C vitamin.
It also provides minerals, like potassium (helps the impulse transmission nervous), magnesium (improving the functioning of the immune system).

Fundo Pontigo

Producer of prunes over a hundred years ago. DFV has the exclusive sales representation


Nuts Producers Association of Chile